Advent Calendar – December 2, 2009

christmas eve

Holiday Foods

Did your family or ancestors serve traditional dishes for the holidays? Was there one dish that was unusual?

UPDATE: I can’t believe how many great posts dealing with holiday food have been submitted!

  • Did your family make candy during the Christmas season? Well Joan at Roots’N’Leaves did and the fudge, divinity and caramel making tradition carries on today.
  • Another candy lover who highlights a Date Nut Roll recipe is Kay at Kay B’s Place – she tells how her mother fell in love immediately with the taste of this confection.
  • And remember that our genealogy bloggers from Down Under – Australia and New Zealand – have much warmer weather than their English ancestors had for Christmas.  Alex at Winging It and Tapgenie at Twigs of Yore both relate how their families stick with tradition including Christmas Pudding and Old Fashioned Triffle!
  • Sharon at Kindred Footprints asked for help finding page #197 from an old Betty Crocker cookbook which her mother used for mincemeat bars.  And guess what? A fellow geneablogger had the same book and scanned the missing page and sent it!
  • If you want a good recipe for kifli (or want to know what kifli are) check out Lisa’s post about her grandmother’s recipe at 100 years in America.
  • Finally, we have some down home holiday cooking from Karen at Genealogy Frame of Mind and texicanwife at Mountain Genealogists. I especially like texicanwife’s memory of setting an extra place for her Dad while he was in the service and couldn’t be home for the holidays.

Here is a listing of all Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories posts from GeneaBloggers’ member blogs:

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